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Mission Support is a service-oriented company established by Maple Group as a part of an expansion plan, with a vision to create a first-class integrated services structure and other business solutions within the entire middle east region. We are dedicated to providing our clients with top-quality management expertise, cutting-edge technology, and efficient logistics to meet their unique needs

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With extensive experience in precision engagement and weapon direction, MSI-DS has developed cross domain weapons platforms and control systems for the naval
littoral and land environments.


Maple Technologies Services

Maple Technologies is a leading business software development and solution provider with over 20 years of experience. Our journey started in 2001 with IT-Absolute; focusing on the banking and financial investment service industry and enterprise IT solutions.
It has since evolved to provide solutions to the telecommunications industry with Maple Teletech ... see more.

ERP solutions

MapleOne ERP is a user-friendly ERP system that helps your organization

Fleet Management

ERP-ONE+ is a comprehensive ERP software package for large to mid-size

E-Commerce Solutions

Our team has the expertise to provide you with the eCommerce

Transportation Optimzation

Maple technologies’ Transport optimization software is designed to help you with

Telecom Solutions

Maple Telecommunications offers a wholesale and retail telecom solutions provider that

& More

Business Process Management, Concrete Ready-Mix Dispatch Optimizer & more .. Business


ASP Advanced Protection Systems

protect the airspace,We do that successfully using the latest technologies develope, we create a safer, more effective and sustainable future for our planet.

<a href="">SKY ctrl</a> SKY ctrl

Comprehensive anti-drone system

<a href="">FIELD ctrl</a> FIELD ctrl

Ultra precise 3D MIMO radar


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